Vintage Push Button Mechanism

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Vintage Push Button Mechanism – N.O.S. (New Old Stock)
This is a solid brass press fit mechanism taken off the shelf of a major pen manufacturer that has been sitting there for 30 years.  This is not a SCHMIDT product, but it does have the same mechanics as our 10179 & 10205.  You will have to make your own external button.  There are no drawings available for this mechanism.
Get them while they last!!  When they are gone, they are gone!
All measurements are approximate:
Overall length: 27.95 mm
Full extension: 6.25 mm
Resting extension:  4.03 mm
Button Shaft overall length: 10.00 mm
Button Shaft length at full extension: 3.63 mm
Button Shaft length at resting extension: 5.66 mm
Knurled length of button shaft: 2.37 mm
Button Shaft diameter: 3.95 mm
Body major diameter: 7.29 mm
Body minor diameter: 6.98 mm
Body overall length: 18.05 mm

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