Terzo – Passion Glo

Terzo – Passion Glo

Passion Glo has a base of deep red, with a slight gold undertone. It’s swirls are a metallic lavender, a pink that glows red in the dark, and a white that glows blue in the dark.


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Terzo – Passion Glo

Terzo, meaning “third” in Italian, was designed in 2008 as another button actuate ball point pen. It is approximately 5 1/2 inches long, so it is shorter than the “Foresta Verde”, and it weighs approximately 1.1 ounces or 32 grams.

The plastics, internal brass fitting and the external sterling silver fittings were made “in house”, including most of the tools and taps used to make the pen. The only items that were not made by me are the spring, refill and plunger mechanism, which come from Germany.

The plastic resin used was an experiment using a blend of polyester and methylmethacrylate. Surface blemish can occur, but they are slight and in most cases un-noticeable, and do not detract from the pen. The plastic pen bodies were turned individually by hand on 2 different lathes, without the aid of any lathe duplicators; the only thing that was automated is the engraving, which was again done “in house”.

The sterling silver nose cones were individually clay cast, drilled and machined. The sterling silver clips are individually bench formed and soldered, with the sterling mark (.925) hidden on the back of the top; and although they are heat treated for hardness in a kiln, they are still sterling silver and can be sprung easily, but it is an easy fix. All you have to do is, while gently pressing the clip down and against the pen body is, wiggle the clip from side to side, and then straighten it out.

To replace the refill, simply unscrew the sterling silver nose cone, remove the spring, take out the old refill and insert the new refill, replace the spring, then screw back the nose cone, being careful not to strip the threads in the body. Terzo will take any G2 “Parker” style refill but what comes with the pen is the Schmidt EasyFlow 9000, which can be purchased from us.

As with any totally handmade item, although they are the same, they are each unique.

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