Plunger Filling System

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Plunger Filing System Hand Made in the U.S.A. by Richard L. Greenwald, LLC.

This system is designed to be used with commonly available tools and supplies (except for the screwdriver, which you will have to modify). The system is made from 316 stainless steel, 360 brass, neoprene rubber and BUNA O rings. It is assumed that you know how to make a pen and the parts associated with a pen, and how to use the tools and supplies needed to make a pen. This is not for a beginner.

The tools and supplies you will need to install this system are:

3/16” drill bit

15/64” drill bit

7.1mm or K drill bit

8.5mm or R drill bit

M9 x .5 bottom tap

M2 x .4 bottom tap (optional)


Removable thread lock

Silicone grease (optional)

Large screwdriver to fit a 3/64” slotted screw, with a 2.5mm slot through the center of the blade to allow for the 2mm shaft of the system.

Additional information

Weight .01529 lbs