FLEXIGRAN – Thanksgiving Sunrise

FLEXIGRAN – Thanksgiving Sunrise

Flexigran Arctic (Please Note: this photo is of Primaries in PR.  Coloring is the same in Flexigran.  The Flexigran photographs will be available soon!  We apologize in advance if there is any confusion)!!


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FLEXIGRAN – Thanksgiving Sunrise by Richard L. Greenwald, LLC  ***  New  ***

This prototype coloring of Flexigran was so popular and the most requested, we decided to offer it for a limited time.

The sticks are 12 1/8″ long x nominal 3/4″.
Please note: Flexigran is very easy to machine and hold a thread, BUT to polish it, you must wet sand up to 1200 grit (600 grit the bare minimum) and then polish on a buffer with a fine muslin buff with blue rouge, and that is a slow polish (it just does not polish up in a second or two).

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