Acrylic & Corian Finishing Set

Acrylic & Corian Finishing Set


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Acrylic & Corian Finishing Kit
Obtain a Hi-Gloss, Scratch Free shine in minutes with SIX(6) different color-coded, reusable Aluminum Oxide Pads.   These pads work greaton acrylics and all solid surface materials. These specially designed cushioned abrasive padsoffer a superior shine in less time than regular sandpaper. Use these 3 double sided pads with water in less steps then Miro-Mesh! The Acrylic Finishing Pads are double-sided, foam-filled, 2″ x 2″ Aluminum oxide sanding pads and are recommended for finishing ALL acrylic materials. Perfect for Gemstone & Trustone!  The kit contains a set of three pads, each pad is 2″ x 2″ foam-filled, double-sided sanding pads with the following grits:

Yellow -> 600 Grit and Light Green -> 800 Grit
Orange -> 1,500 Grit and Purple -> 2,400 Grit
Light Blue -> 4,000 Grit  and Gray -> 12,000 Grit

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