Abalone Dream

  • Abalone Dream

    Abalone Dream, named by Nicky Pessaroff, editor of PenWorld Magazine, is a one of a kind, signed piece, made with mother of pearl, abalone, clear acrylic and 14KT yellow gold.  It has a hand made 2 sided nib, with a hand made gold plated brass feed.

    It is a big pen:

    length: 158mm / 6.25″  when capped

    width: 17mm / 0.67″ (at it’s maximum)

    weight: 70 grams / 2.46 ounces (empty)

    And it is cool to the touch, from its outer shells.  The 14KT yellow gold, double sided nib has a 1.2 mm (approx.) stub on 1 side and a 2.5 mm (approx.) architect grind on the other side, with millgraining on the edges.  It has a plunger filling system that holds at least 1.5 ml of ink (at most 2.0 ml).  The cap does NOT post, you would not want to scratch the shells.


    PRICE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.  eMail us at info@richardlgreenwald.com for more information.