FLEXIGRANTM is the name that we use for the blend of a polyurethane resin, dry pigments, and a wetting agent, to make the material used for pen bodies. It is not the polyurethane resin that is commonly used for such a purpose.

It takes a week before FLEXIGRANTM has achieved it’s cured maximum strength. After the colors are mixed into the resin, the batch is vacuumed de-gassed, then, the batch is poured into a pre-heated silicon mold. From there, the mold is placed into a pressure chamber, which is pressurized to 70 psi, and left overnight to cure. The next day, the mold is taken out of the chamber and placed into a heat chamber, where the mold then has an additional heat cure of eight hours. After cooling off, the sheet of FLEXIGRANTMis taken out of the mold and placed on a table to rest until it is ready to be cut up into rods. This is what gives it, it’s strength and flexibility, like FLEXIble GRANite, FLEXIGRANTM.